Our Mission

Our Development

We started Healthware in an effort to help depollute the human body. Going to school in Hawaii meant an opportunity to meet a very diverse group of people. We were lucky enough to meet and live with individuals that thought similarly about health. Every night we'd gather around the dinner table, shirtless and with quality food in front of us, we would talk deeply about what we were putting in our bodies. These conversations turned to not just what we put in our body, but what we were putting on our body.

Our Efforts

We are all about supporting businesses that share our ideals. However we could not find a wearable product we could get behind that did not use synthetics. So we decided to source our own, and thus, the birth of Healthware.

We vow to use fabrics only from natural materials such as cotton, hemp, or silk. It is our goal that every piece we deliver is high quality and an investment in your health. Our skin is our largest organ. Clothe it in something natural.

  • Training Gear

    One of the biggest problems we have come across is finding purely natural clothing that is comfortable and functional to train in. We are currently testing blends of fabrics that mimic those of the synthetic blends to provide the best application in training/exercise.

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  • Women's Workout Sets

    We are very aware of the lack of natural options when it comes to leggings, biker shorts, sports bras, etc. Because of this, we are working closely with our manufacturers to create a new product to give women the option of something that is not synthetic.

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  • Wellness Retreats

    We are all about holistic health and wellness. We work closely with various wellness companies and retreats to create their merchandise and sponsor their events. Use the link below to contact us about inquiries for your retreat or brand.

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